Beehive Twinning – twin your space with a honeybee hive

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Twin your office, garden, meeting room, classroom or school with a working honeybee hive! Twinning a beehive is just like twinning a town, but with 3 positive benefits:

  1. You’ll be helping us with our commitment to prevent the decline of the native British honeybee.
  2. For every hive twinned we provide organic, bee-friendly flower seed for you to plant. More pollinator-friendly flowers means more food sources to help support all pollinators.
  3. We donate 10% of profits to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity – an act of kindness from you to the environment is repaid with an act of kindness by us on your behalf. 


Honeybees are responsible for pollinating one third of the food we eat, but they’re in trouble.

Our critical pollinator population is far from safe. A number of complex factors have resulted in widespread losses of nature across Britain* and according to leading scientists, an estimated 50-75% abundant global decline**. Research programs and academics are actively trying to better understand what we can do about it. We must do something to support the native honeybee population, and indeed all pollinators that our existence relies so heavily on.

Beehive twinning® is a living demonstration of your commitment to the environment, conservation and nature.


Twin Your Space and we’ll send you a package including a welcome letter explaining how your twinned hive is helping, and information about your bees; a packet of our organic, pollinator-friendly flower seeds for your own pot or outdoor space, and a framed certificate to proudly display – something truly unique to shout about.




*State of Nature Report published by the National Biodiversity Network [2019]

**Hallmann CA, Sorg M, Jongejans E, Siepel H, Hofland N, Schwan H, et al. (2017) More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas. PLoS ONE 12(10): e0185809.

Beehive Twinning® is a registered trademark.

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