Luxury British Truffles infused in Pure British Honey (114g)

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Luxury British Truffle Honey

We are the first and only place to infuse British Truffles with British honey. The taste is exquisite. For those who want something luxurious and extra special . 

Welsh Black Winter Truffles (Perigord Truffle) or Autumn English Burgundy Truffles (Tuber uncinatum) infused in pure British Honey.  A Lovely nutty earthy taste from these highly prized tubers.  Aroma and Taste are stronger then summer truffles making them highly sought after.  These are sustainably harvested in either Dorset, Wiltshire or Wales ensuring no air miles.

We infuse the truffles with our light, floral pure English Borage honey on the day they are received – typically 48 hours after harvesting, ensuring we retain as much of the taste and aroma as possible.  

English truffles have a growing reputation; they have appeared in prize-winning dishes, chef competitions and in 2020 were included in the dinner for the BAFTA awards and are served in leading restaurants, 

You can have this honey straight out of the jar or pair it with with cheeses, salty meat or crispy bread.  It can also be be drizzled onto figs, popcorn, mixed in yogurt, nuts olive oil amongst other uses.

Per ounce truffles are one of the most expensive foods on earth and a luxury items to be tried to be really appreciated. 

contains only pure British honey and Pure British Truffles.  No truffle oils are used ensuring the flavour of only pure truffle is imparted.

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