Business Honeybee Hive Adoption Plans

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“According to various recent studies global insect decline is in abundance of 50-75%” [Soil Association, 2019]*


Bees & Co. is home to the native British honeybee.

We’re award-winning, ethical bee farmers caring for bees on behalf of some of the most recognisable and iconic brands in Britain.

Our beehive adoption plans are helping to prevent the decline of the native British honeybee, whilst providing an innovative and natural sustainability solution for responsible businesses looking for creative Corporate Social Responsibility.
You adopt one of our hives at our exclusive apiary sites, and we care for the bees throughout the year. 

We’ll send a series of photographs and video for you to see your bees in action and use in your own promotion and marketing of your adoption – your hive can contain as many as 80,000 bees at the peak of summer!


Become climate positive for just £4.80 per week:

Adopting a hive with Bees & Co. provides an engaging solution for carbon offsetting, supporting local environment and business:
  • we use sustainable methods to raise our bees and always give the upmost care and attention to their wellbeing  
  • our native honeybees have zero carbon footprint unlike other imported, non-native species
  • our hives are handmade from British sustainable cedar wood, sourced from renewable suppliers

    DID YOU KNOW? According to Business Case for Purpose, companies with a clearly defined sense of purpose are up to 50% more likely to successfully expand into a new market.


    It’s never been easier to adopt a working honeybee hive – simply checkout online! Need to raise a PO? Email us and we’ll reserve your hives.

    Enjoy the unique and truly rewarding experience of adopting a working hive of honeybees for your business and for your brand, colleagues and stakeholders.

    Sign up today from just £250 +VAT (our available hive allocation is updated daily):

    ADOPT A HIVE – £250 +VAT

    • 1x beautiful, handmade, sustainable British cedar hive of native British honeybees
    • Licence-free photos and videos
    • Bespoke plaque installed onto the hive featuring your company logo as an optional extra
    • A framed, personalised adoption certificate 
    • 12x 227g jars of your hive’s honey is sent to your chosen offices or donated on your behalf to a national food bank charity, the choice is yours!
    • Purchase honey at exclusive wholesale prices


      Further details are in our free guide to Bees & Co – Bee Hive Adoptions -> please email us for copy @ 

      “What happens to our bees at the end of our adoption?”

      At the end of each season you’ll be able to choose to continue your beehive adoption at our specially discounted rate for each year following. You don’t need to enter any long-term commitment.

      “Do we receive any honey?”

      Our research shows that the majority of our clients are looking to be a part of social and environmental change solutions, so instead of sending jars of honey to your offices, we donate them on your behalf to a national food bank charity. You can purchase jars of honey for your staff or clients with exclusive access to our wholesale pricing.


      *Dave Goulson, Professor of Biology, University of Sussex. Soil Association Review 2019


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