Pure Gold in Luxury British Honey (114g)

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Pure Gold honey – Luxury Gifts for those who want something extra special and quite unique.  Here we have 24ct pure edible gold leaf in pure British honey.   There is something quite exquisite and luxurious about gold and having real gold leaf in our honey is really something elegant.

Makes a great and unique present for that someone special, for an anniversary, birthday, wedding gift, friend, Parent, etc.

Comes gift boxed.

The use of edible gold in food stems back thousands of years to boost vitality and also to show off one’s wealth and to experience a touch of decadence.  Gold does not oxidize or corrode in moist air making it perfect for use in honey.

The use of edible gold can be traced back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. They believed gold was one way to gain the good graces of the gods so consumed it in elixir form to try to achieve this. They also believed gold had powerful restorative properties to heal the body and promote a youthful appearance.

Europeans used it in as early as the 15th century for medicinal purposes. In the 16th century, it was used as a food decoration in elaborate banquets as a sign of wealth.

Eastern civilizations also used edible noble metals in their food items as both garnishes and for its purported medicinal qualities.

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