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Velvet Set British Honey
Velvet Set British Honey
Velvet Set British Honey
Velvet Set British Honey

Velvet Set British Honey

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Bees & Co. products are renowned for being of the finest quality and a great example of raw, British honey – a product entirely different to supermarket honey and one that is packed full of natural goodness. We harvest, jar and beautifully package our honey by hand, true to our artisan ancestors.

Velvet Set British Honey is made by bees during the spring, gathering pollen from early blossoming fruit trees and flowers before they feast on oil seed rape.

We then gently stir the honey to break down the crystallisation, creating a pale, set honey with a deliciously velvety texture and mild but tasty flavour, perfect when smothered over freshly baked bread.

Available to buy throughout the year while stocks last.

  • All natural sugar
  • Dairy free
  • Supporting British farming & British bees
  • Gluten free
  • Soya free
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • 100% natural

In the care of our ethical beekeepers, our treasured bees who produce a delicious, subtle set honey with a truly unique, smooth, creamy texture: the ultimate, silky, buttery honey: from a thick spread on freshly baked bread or by the spoon when no one's looking!

Our 340g glass jars are the perfect size for single gifts or to add to hampers. Each jar presented with twist-off gold lids, tamper proof seals and our iconic, artisan Bees & Co. packaging.

All orders are jarred and packaged by hand to order.
We’re often very busy looking after the bees but we do try to ship orders several times each week. Please allow 7 working days for your order to arrive but we will of course do our best to ship as soon as possible.

Thank you for supporting British honey!         

"We launched Bees & Co. and our beehive adoption plans, Bees for Business, to help reduce the decline of the honeybee, whilst championing British honey. My team and I are passionate about showcasing the myriad health benefits of 100% British, raw honey. We are dedicated, ethical beekeepers as passionate about our bees as we are the delicious honey they produce. Jez"

Raising Money With Honey! 

For every jar sold of Velvet Set honey, we donate to Brain Tumour Research.