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Honey Tasting Library
Honey Tasting Library
Honey Tasting Library
Honey Tasting Library
Honey Tasting Library
Honey Tasting Library
Honey Tasting Library

Honey Tasting Library

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Naturally Delicious

Really treat yourself with "The Library" a selection box of all of our different honeys!

the Honey:

Velvet Set: 

Velvet Set British Honey is made by our treasured bees during the spring, gathering pollen from early blossoming fruit trees and flowers before they feast on oil seed rape.

We gently stir the honey over a period of 12 hours to break down the crystallisation, creating a pale, smooth set honey with a deliciously silky, velvety texture and mild but tasty flavour. Enjoy thickly spread on freshly baked bread, or by the spoon when no one's looking!

Wild Countryside: 

Wild Countryside British Honey showcases some of the finest clear, runny honey available to buy in England and is the recipient of a Great Taste Award for 2018.

One of our most popular, the bees make this honey during the summer months when gathering pollen and nectar from hedgerows, wild flowers and trees.

Wild countryside is a deliciously runny honey with a truly tasty, unique, floral flavour. Perfect to go with anything as the star ingredient: from a drizzle on your porridge, to a stir into your ginger tea and even mixed into a marinade for natural sweetness.... or by the spoon when no one's looking! 

Natures Nectar: 

Nature's Nectar British "Guest" Honey showcases clear honey from around Great Britain.

Supporting our fellow artisan bee farmers, Nature's Nectar changes throughout the year providing an insight into the varying taste of honey produced by honeybees from around the British Isles: from Oxfordshire to Norfolk and everywhere in between.

Baker's Honey: 

Baker's Honey is sometimes cloudy in appearance with a combination of set and clear honey. Perfectly safe to eat it is ideal for use in baking, replacing processed sugar for a natural, healthier alternative.

A by-product of our processing, Baker's Honey is a honey jarred at different stages of its natural setting process. As it is neither entirely set honey, nor clear, we use it in the kitchen and especially for baking it is the ideal consistency for cakes!

Each jar includes a scannable QR code to discover exciting honey-based recipes online.

     100% Raw British Honey

    Each of our 340g glass jars are presented in our iconic, artisan Bees & Co. packaging with twist-off gold lid and tamper proof seal.

    • 100% All natural sugar
    • Dairy, Soya and Gluten free
    • Supporting British farming & British bees
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    Bees & Co. products are renowned for being of the finest quality and a great example of raw, British honey – a product entirely different to supermarket honey and one that is packed full of natural goodness. We harvest, jar and beautifully package our honey by hand, true to our artisan ancestors.