Organic Pet paw and nose balm – 100% Natural & Cruelty Free – 25g

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Hand made organic pet paw and nose balm.
Made using organic ingredients and our own beeswax. No artificial preservatives, smells or colorants making it gentle and effective on your pets.

Pet balms are a great way of for protecting your best friends paw pads and noses against the elements and extreme temperatures. They help add and trap moisture into and are also known to help treat blisters, cracks, irritation and more.

Paw balm is a  topical product that can help prevent damage to paw pads, as well as soothe, heal, and moisturize when cracked or sore

Some benefits include
– Alleviating discomfort for paws hyperkeratosis (a.k.a. “hairy paw”), which is a health condition that cause paw pads (and noses) to thicken and crack
– Protecting paws from the elements, chemicals, ice, concrete and other rough surfaces
– Moisturizing paw pads
– Treating blisters, cracks, cuts, burns and irritation on paws

How to use
To use paw balm correctly, first clean your hands to keep your pet safe from infection and contamination. Then, simply rub or dab the balm onto the paw. You can also use a gentle cloth

Apply to clean dry paws at least twice a day, or more if needed. Depending on the size of your dog’s paws, start with a pea sized amount of Paw Balm and gently massage into the pads. Use more for bigger dogs. If your dog doesn’t like paws being touched, have another person use treats or a favourite toy as a distraction.

All our balms are lick-safe, however it is best for the paws if your dog doesn’t lick all the balm away, so distraction is key whilst the balm has a chance to sink in and work its magic.

  • Lick-safe
  • Cruelty free
  • 100% Natural Organic ingredients
  • Hand Made in small batches in the Great Britain
  • 25 grams

Suitable for Dogs or a Cats .



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