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Get Started in Beekeeping Online Masterclass

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If you’re keen to learn everything you need to know about keeping honeybees as a hobby safely, and confidently, but you’d prefer to learn from home, or can’t get to us at the farm, Jez has created an exciting online course!

A perfect mixture of resources to aid learning including: videos filmed here at the farm and in the studio; articles; infographics; step by step instructions illustrated with photographs; downloadable guides and resources.

No need for any prior knowledge about bees or beekeeping, our brand new course is designed in easy to navigate modules and you’ll have unlimited, lifetime access to refer back as often as you need to.

Access the course 24/7 on any internet device wherever you are, even when out with your bees!

This brand new online version of our hugely popular, 5-star rated Beekeeping for Beginners workshop launched at the beginning of the beekeeping season and follows the bees throughout a period of their active season, ensuring the course represents how you will see the hive progress.   Additional bonus content has been added throughout the year, providing plenty of additional learning opportunity!


The founding honeybee farmer here at Bees & Co., Jez is a qualified further education teacher and spent 15 years facilitating workshops for some of the world’s largest brands, with a formidable reputation for making learning simple and fun.

A broadcaster, award-winning writer and experienced ethical beekeeper, Jez established and manages the colonies and native British queen honeybee rearing program here at the farm. He graduates from the Master Beekeeper program at Cornell University later in 2020.

You can be assured of quality, evidence-based information delivered in a professional way.


We’ll cover a range of topics in this first Get Started in Beekeeping Online Masterclass to ensure you have all the information you need to begin beekeeping.

Using our online learning platform, if you continue to learn with us, your new courses will appear integrated with your existing modules, creating a useful learning tool in one handy place!

• Especially curated Recommended Reading list (there are more books written on bees than any other animal, so it can be a real minefield knowing which are useful, and which are not!)

• Discover the really essential equipment to help save you money on unnecessary or useless tools

• We’ll include an exclusive step by step calendar of the Beekeeping Year produced by Jez to help guide you through what to do and when

• Join Jez in the apiary at his farm throughout the year and watch as he guides you through various techniques, offering expert tips and advice


Get Started in Beekeeping includes the following modules and the ability to ask Jez and special guest tutors questions within the course:

Welcome: A personal welcome from Jez and some basic questions answered including: “where do I get my bees from?”, and “which type of bees should I get?”.

Module 1: Basic honeybee biology and anatomy relevant to beekeeping (no unnecessary science, just the bits you need to know and why).

Module 2: The honeybee colony and how it works, including the different types of honeybee, their lifecycle and the essential, must-know information for safe, effective and stress-free beekeeping!

Module 3: Hive types and beekeeping equipment looks at the various pros and cons of the many types of hive and equipment available with an impartial review and busts the myths on equipment like the Flow Hive and heated uncapping knives. Clear explanations of how the equipment works and how to use it will help boost your confidence and understanding. We’ll aim to save you more than you pay for the course in wasted time and money!

Module 4: Pests and diseases form a key and important part of being an ethical and safe beekeeper. Jez will guide you through how best to prevent, spot and treat the most common pests and diseases with photograph and video examples supported by the latest scientific research and data.

Module 5: Practical beekeeping for the beginner beekeeper. Jez will demonstrate and explain methods to help fast track your beekeeping journey, offering advice, reassurance and clear direction on when to inspect your bees; how to carry out a full inspection; how to spot eggs and the queen easily; how to use a smoker (and when) and every aspect of physically keeping bees, step by step.

Module 6: Honey harvesting. Simple ways to harvest your honey at home without the need for any specialist equipment, with some essential hygiene and safety tips and guidance on how best to extract and store excess honey.

Launching soon is the follow-up course to Getting Started in Beekeeping: Next Steps in Beekeeping – Online Course.

All of these questions and more are answered in this exciting, new online course:

“How bee keeping works”; “Can beekeeping be profitable?”; “How to start beekeeping”; “Why bee keeping is important”; “When is the bee keeping season?”


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