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BOOKING PAGE: Fire Pit Feast Cooking 1 Day Workshop
BOOKING PAGE: Fire Pit Feast Cooking 1 Day Workshop
BOOKING PAGE: Fire Pit Feast Cooking 1 Day Workshop
BOOKING PAGE: Fire Pit Feast Cooking 1 Day Workshop
BOOKING PAGE: Fire Pit Feast Cooking 1 Day Workshop
BOOKING PAGE: Fire Pit Feast Cooking 1 Day Workshop

BOOKING PAGE: Fire Pit Feast Cooking 1 Day Workshop

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On the farm we are passionate about nature and all of the goodness it offers. There's nothing quite like cooking over an open fire: the atmosphere; the smell - the flavour!

0930 - 1630 here on our organic farm just 4 minutes from Market Deeping and 18 minutes from Peterborough train station in Lincolnshire.

Our exciting fire pit workshop is ideal for barbecue enthusiasts, food lovers and anyone who loves the idea of cooking, eating and spending time in the great outdoors!

We've set up a professional fire pit in the magnolia courtyard and after an initial welcome and opportunity to meet your fellow workshop delegates, we'll take you through the basics of lighting a strong, solid fire and how to get it just right for the perfect cook, experimenting with various types of wood for flavour.

While the logs burn away, we'll forage in the vegetable and flower gardens and prepare some of the food together. Honey is never far away here on the farm, so we'll be preparing some beautiful looking and delicious tasting recipes with honey at their heart, from roasted local and organic vegetables and 100% British, grass-fed meats - expect flame-kissed flavour in abundance! 

If you've never tried flame-grilled grass-fed beef, or crushed salted potatoes with rosemary and garlic then you're in for a real treat. We'll be cooking seasonal vegetables including potatoes and a combination of whole chicken; British, 100% grass fed beef cuts; British organic pork joint and freshly baked bread, accompanied by fresh salad. We'll all make some sauces and a honey-based glaze to lift those flavours, too. 

  • Organic British Porchetta stuffed with cumin, fennel, garlic and spring onion
  • Whole British organic chicken booked in a fire basket with a honey glaze
  • 100% grass-fed steak in honey and soy
  • Roasted salt and rosemary potatoes
  • Grilled white onions and peppers
  • Organic whole beetroot carpaccio with goats cheese
  • Organic carrots with fennel seeds and honey glaze

You'll be cooking in the most traditional and oldest way known to humans - directly over an open fire and true to everything we love about this style, it's a highly social day with plenty of organic refreshments, beers and cider for you to enjoy as we lead up to the main event: the feast!


We'll provide you with everything you need, including unlimited refreshments, food and recipes from the day for you to take home, too. All delegates will be required to sign a declaration in order to partake in the day’s activities. Make sure you wear enclosed footwear (no flip-flops or sandals) and something to keep warm as we'll be outside all day.


We are actively trying to help the environment and so all workshop confirmations and supporting information will be emailed to you. We will also email a reminder to you the week before the workshop with all the details and directions to the farm.


If you're able to car share, use public transport (we're just 18 minutes from Peterborough and Stamford train stations), cycle or have an electric car, use promo code ECO10 to save £10! You'll need to show us your train ticket, taxi receipt (or bicycle!) when you arrive.



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