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Tropical Swiss Cheese Plant
Tropical Swiss Cheese Plant

Tropical Swiss Cheese Plant

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Swiss Cheese Plant  

Large, glossy green leaves with naturally occurring gaps, which give this plant its many common names, including "monkey mask" and "fingerfildendron"!

Monstera plants originate from Peru and will happily continue to be potted up, growing with the pot size. We have one in the entrance to our office, which started off as a young plant like this and is now 5 feet tall!

The leaves and stems grow with the plant size, so younger plants are an ideal way to safely buy and transport Monstera plants.

Delivered plant height: 15cm

Delivered pot diameter: 11cm

*Decorative pot not included in price.

Caring for Your Plant


Like most house plants, Monstera will need watering more regularly in the summer and prefer ambient, temperatures. Keep the soil most but not water logged and don't allow the plant to dry out. They're not especially demanding but do prefer brighter, lighter rooms. Low light levels will reduce the growth of the leaves and overall plant health.