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Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig

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Creeping Fig

Heart-shaped mid green leaves hang from trailing stems - ideal for hanging planters but equally looks great allowed to tumble over the edges of a pot on a desk or shelf. Much like ivy, the stems have small hooks so if allowed, it will happily climb.

Although from the fig family it doesn't produce fruit, so no lunchtime snacking unfortunately!

Delivered pot diameter: 9cm

*Decorative pot not included in price.

Caring for Your Plant

Ideal for hanging, trailing off of counter sides, or even trailing along surfaces. Allow to climb if you wish. They prefer bright light but keep out of direct sunlight as the leaves will scorch.

Creeping figs like moist soil and while growing will tolerate a good water, but like most house plants prefers not to be in soggy soil. In the winter, water much less without letting the soil get too wet - aim for the dryer side of moist.

Cut back to keep at the length you require.