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Mistletoe Cactus

Mistletoe Cactus

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Mistletoe Cactus

We call this "the fluffy cuddle monster" because it's great big fluffy arms look like a friendly monster reaching for a hug! Slender, succulent stems for a hair-like shaggy hummock with tonnes of personality!

While not a trailing plant, the stems cascade over the sides of the pot or basket, so it's great for filling space with its fun foliage.

Delivered Plant Height: 35cm approx.

Delivered Pot Diameter: 11cm

Caring for Your Plant

They prefer to be dryer in the winter, certainly on the dry side of moist, but will happily take regular watering during their growth period in the summer. Misting the leaves regularly with water helps to increase humidity, which they especially love being a succulent. Keep away from draughts and the cold and for maximum impact, repot each year.