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NEW! Raw Propolis
NEW! Raw Propolis
NEW! Raw Propolis

NEW! Raw Propolis

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Naturally Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral 

A sticky product created by honeybees by mixing resins, pollen and beeswax, Propolis, or bee glue, is a magnificent entirely natural bee product with numerous healing properties.

Use it in tinctures or ointments to speed up the healing process. Chew it raw for toothache, or simply melt in a saucepan with some pure alcohol (or we prefer to use organic coconut oil) to create the perfect antibacterial, antiviral ointment for cuts, grazes, coughs and colds.

Made by bees to seal gaps, they also use it to create an antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal coating for their hives. Having a higher melting point that wax, propolis is also used to reinforce honeycombs in hot weather.

Aromatic & Anti-fungal 

Propolis has been used by humans since ancient times in natural remedies due to it's wonderful, medicinal properties and beautiful, aromatic scent. It is also thought to have some anti-inflammatory effects.

Our propolis is harvested ethically and as such is available only in very limited quantities. It is a raw and unprocessed product - natural variation will occur and small debris such as wood or paint chips may feature. Sieve before use, or filter after melted. 
Available in 25g or 50g parcels.

Our Raw British Honey also contains many of these natural properties, head to our Raw British Honey & Gifts to check out what honey we currently have available. 

Bees & Co. products are renowned for being of the finest quality and a great example of raw, British honey – a product entirely different to supermarket honey and one that is packed full of natural goodness. We harvest, jar and beautifully package our honey by hand, true to our artisan ancestors.