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Nutscene Vintage Gardener's Scissors

Nutscene Vintage Gardener's Scissors

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On our award-winning organic farm we have created a pollinator paradise. Not only do we grow bee-friendly plants and the vegetables and fruit to feed our workshop and experience day visitors, but we adore being close to nature.

We're delighted to be able to offer some of our favourite gardening products to make time in your outside space more enjoyable!

These gardener's scissors are universal scissors and can be described as Bonsai scissors, flower snips and Chinese Butterfly scissors.  Whatever you want to call them, they are extremely sharp and useful.

For the gardener, for use in the kitchen or by a crafter these wonderfully designed gardener's metal scissors are comfortable to use and very effective.

(They also sit very nicely inside a Nutscene® ball of Twine)

The Nutscene team love these gardener's scissors, they are used in the office, the factory, kitchen and garden.  Also they make very good decoupage or applique scissors.

The scissors are presented on a card, and fastened with ties.

The backing cards are created using a theme from the Nutscene archives of vintage style labels.

Vintage Gardeners Scissors are 17.5cm.