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Nutscene Twine Spool on Hanging Recycled Mill Bobbin

Nutscene Twine Spool on Hanging Recycled Mill Bobbin

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On our award-winning organic farm we have created a pollinator paradise. Not only do we grow bee-friendly plants and the vegetables and fruit to feed our workshop and experience day visitors, but we adore being close to nature.

We're delighted to be able to offer some of our favourite gardening products to make time in your outside space more enjoyable!

Looking for a great way to hang, wear or display your twine?  Why not try these authentic wooden bobbins salvaged from Lancashire Cotton Mills, inspired the Nutscene design team to develop these Hanging Twine Bobbins.  A lovely artifact to either give or receive.  They are practical and charming and of course recycled!

These single hanging twine holders are threaded with a natural jute braid that can be easily hung on a hook in your shed for use, or looped onto your belt or apron.

Each of these authentic mill bobbins has been used in a working mill in the past - some are over 100 years old!  For this reason, please note that consistency in colouring and finish will differ between bobbins.

Available in natural, green or red only.