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Marbled Devil's Ivy

Marbled Devil's Ivy

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Marbled Devil's Ivy

A beautiful variegated version of the pale, almost lime coloured green trailing devil's ivy. This variety has large heart shaped leaves with a dappled pattern of lighter green on quite thick trailing stems that loves to grow.

Delivered plant height: 13cm approx.

Delivered pot diameter: 13cm

*Decorative pot not included in price.

Caring for Your Plant

Ideal for hanging, trailing off of counter sides, or even trailing along surfaces. They prefer bright light but keep out of direct sunlight as the leaves will scorch and wilt.

Devil's Ivy likes moist soil and while growing will tolerate a good water, but like most house plants prefers not to be in soggy soil. As they grow readily, this plant will benefit from a monthly feed with house plant food to keep it strong.