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The Light & Pink Spiky One

The Light & Pink Spiky One

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Dragon Tree - The Light & Pink Spiky One

Technically an indoor cordyline, but the colloquial "dragon tree" sounds much more fun! Long, slender leaves that taper to a point (they're not actually sharp though), this variety has a really colourful contrast of light green and pink leaves that sit upright falling from a central stem to create a little bit of drama.

Delivered Plant Height: Xcm approx.

Delivered Pot Diameter: Xcm

Caring for Your Plant

They like plenty of light but indirect sunlight otherwise the leaves will scorch, and warmer temperatures to thrive but are relatively tolerant of cooler temperatures. Like most house plants they won't like sitting in soggy soil and during the winter months will appreciate being watered less. Keeping the soil slightly moist but not wetwill keep your dragon tree happy.