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'Jez On Behaviour In Education' Bootleg DVD

'Jez On Behaviour In Education' Bootleg DVD

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A rare find

Look what we found!...

While tidying up the office we've discovered the very last 2 copies of Jez's popular "Jez On..." DVD series. Jez On Behaviour in Education is a DVD, which takes a sneaky back-seat at this one-off seminar for education professionals filmed at a school in Durham.

"Our entire staff spent an amazing session with Jez, leaving them empowered and their own perceptions of how they manage and dealing with behaviour challenged and blown apart. The session is fast paced, engaging, hits you hard and makes you peel back the layers of understanding behaviour. Staff have been simply buzzing about such a brilliant session." Rachel, Headteacher

You'll learn:

  • efficacious strategies to get more from your students
  • the must-know principles and techniques of behaviour change, reinforcement and punishment
  • how to effectively handle challenging behaviour
  • finding your spark in teaching practice 
  • plus many real-world tools, tips and techniques honed by Jez as a qualified higher education teacher and consultant to the education sector

The seminar culminates in a live Q&A session and these are the last copies of the DVD we'll have. We've reduced the price to clear - grab a copy for your school's library, staff room or your home office in this rare opportunity to see Jez live.