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Italian Bellflower
Italian Bellflower

Italian Bellflower

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Italian Bellflower - indoor campanula

Delicate, shaped deep green leaves form a bushy plant with an abundance of violet-blue, purple flowers that keep on blooming from spring right through to late autumn! During the winter period the flowers might not be in full force but the attractive leaf makes for an equally good looking plant when combined with a contrasting pot.

Add a splash of colour to your house plant collection with these beautiful bell flowers.

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Caring for Your Plant

Like many flowering houseplants, they prefer bright light, but to be kept out of direct sunlight, and actually prefer cooler air, so best to keep out of overly warm rooms and away from fireplaces or radiators.

Keep soil moist and well drained; as with most house plants, they don't like sitting in soggy soil and where possible it's best to water from below, into a contained pot, or directly into a plant saucer.

Gently remove dead flowers to encourage re-flowering.