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Metal Planted Wall Hanger - The Ivy One
Metal Planted Wall Hanger - The Ivy One

Metal Planted Wall Hanger - The Ivy One

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Metal Planted Wall Hanger

Add height and instant draw to any wall space with our rustic, industrial-chic hanging planters for wall mounting. Thick, chunky rope offsets the beautiful matt metal planter. Complete with two contrasting plants: one indoor ivy, and one fern, ready for you to plant up.

Delivered plant height: 6cm approx.

Delivered planter diameter: 19.5cm

Delivered planter depth: 6cm

Caring for Your Plants

Like most house plant, ferns don't like sitting in soggy soil, however, they don't tolerate dry conditions - keep the soil moist. A regular mist of the leaves will help keep them happy and they especially like lighter rooms but won't tolerate direct sunlight. Dappled shade is their natural habitat. Ferns are lovers of humidity so will generally do well in most places indoors if kept moist.

We've paired the fern with an indoor ivy, which will be quite happy with the same conditions making this a super easy and instantly impressive feature for your wall.