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The Sock Thief by Jez Rose
The Sock Thief by Jez Rose
The Sock Thief by Jez Rose
The Sock Thief by Jez Rose

The Sock Thief by Jez Rose

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For Children & Childish Adults

An exciting new series of children's story books written by Jez, with full colour illustrations!

The Sock Thief follows the tale of Jez's real life, mischievous dog Marley and a little girl called Clarissa (Jez's real life God-daughter).

There is something a-foot in Clarissa's house. It would appear they have a sock thief! The hunt is on for the missing socks...

From the cover:

“Clarissa is going to be late for school - one of her socks has gone missing...

In this rhyming story for children and childish adults, we quickly discover that many of her socks have gone missing - perhaps there is a sock thief!

Like all good stories, this one has a delightful and funny surprise ending...

Join Clarissa and Mabel on this detective adventure with Marley the dog and enjoy the fantastic illustrations by Viv Harries.”

Beautifully illustrated by Viv Harries these brand new children's story books are available now.

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Marley has a sneezy brother Zooster McFlooster
Or you can buy both stories in the Doggy Bundle

Rhyming with a reason

Buy them here exclusively signed by Jez and with a letter from Marley, with proceeds being donated to Breathe Magic, a project of Breathe Arts Health Research, teaching children with hemiplegia magic as occupational therapy designed to develop hand and arm function, cognitive abilities, self-confidence and independence.