NEW! Ambrosia Sugar Syrup Bee Feed 12.5kg Jerry Can
NEW! Ambrosia Sugar Syrup Bee Feed 12.5kg Jerry Can

NEW! Ambrosia Sugar Syrup Bee Feed 12.5kg Jerry Can

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Strong Healthy Bees

A balanced, pure inverted sugar syrup to help support honeybee health.

Now more than ever we need to do more to support honeybee health. This is the sugar syrup feed we use at the farm for our own bees and in our opinion is far superior to any other sugar syrup. Ambrosia has a worldwide reputation for the quality of their products, trusted by professional beekeepers. Excellent for the production of strong healthy bees, this liquid sugar syrup has a high fructose content; one of the most valued sugars by bees.

Its composition prevents crystallisation inside honeycombs, ensuring food supply even at very low temperatures, essential to stimulate brood and support a healthy colony.

Benefits of Ambrosia

  • Ready for direct consumption, simply add to your feeder
  • High fructose content, very similar to honey
  • Appealing product for bees and with the highest hygiene guarantees

Especially recommended for:

  • Feeding between flowering seasons in forage dearths
  • Spring stimulation
  • Supporting new or weak colonies
  • Strengthen colonies going into winter 


Just like any other sugar syrup, store in a cool dry place, preferably at an ambient temperature of approximately 15°C.

There is no VAT applicable on livestock food. Because of the weight, we ship our jerry cans using a courier service, included in the price to mainland UK only. If you live in Ireland, the Highlands or require you remote areas please contact us for a specialist courier quotation.


If you'd prefer to collect from the farm (just outside of Market Deeping in Lincolnshire), please contact us to arrange as delivery charges obviously won't apply.